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Get access to powerful features for painless WordPress WooCommerce Product Table, without the high costs. With all the time you will save, it’s a product that pays for itself!

Version 2.0.0





Rich Options

We've focused every point of User Expereince (UX) & User Interface (UI) to create our product table options. You are free to customize your product table exactly as your demand and without any coding knowledge.

  • Columns
  • Conditions
  • Utilities
  • Design

Columns sections contain 28 pre-built columns with complete control feature. Pre-built column can be activated, deactivated and their heading text can be change easily. Here is columns section summary (below).

  • Serial column will display serial number of the product in this table.
  • ID column will display product ID.
  • Thumbnail column will display product thumbnail.
  • Product Title column will display product title. Based on other options, it will display short description or long description along with title.
  • Short Description column will display product short description.
  • Description column will display product long description.
  • Categories column will display product categories.
  • Tags column will display product tags.
  • SKU column will display product stock keep unit (SKU).
  • Weight column will display product weight (include unit).
  • Total Weight column will display product total weight (include unit) based on number of quantity input field value. Total weight will calculate and display instantly if any change made in quantity input field.
  • Dimensions column will display product dimensions (include unit). Dimension include length, width and height.
  • Length column will display product length (include unit).
  • Width column will display product width (include unit).
  • Height column will display product height (include unit).
  • Rating column will display product average (star) rating.
  • Stock column will display product stock status (include number of item in stock).
  • Price column will display product price (include currency symbol).
  • Wishlist column will display “Add to wishlist” button to add product into Wishlist using “YITH WooCommerce Wishlist” plugin.
  • Quantity column will display product quantity input field.
  • Total Price column will display product total price (include unit) based on number of quantity input field value. Total price will calculate and display instantly if any change made in quantity input field.
  • Quick View column will display “Quick View” button to view product instantly using “YITH WooCommerce Quick View” plugin.
  • Created Date column will display product created date.
  • Modified Date column will display product modified date.
  • Attributes column will display product attributes.
  • Variations column will display product variations select input to select variation instantly of variable product.
  • Action column will display product “Add to cart” button. Based on other options, it will display quantity input, variations select input and checkbox input along with Add to cart button.
  • Check column will display checkbox input to add product into multiple add to cart button to add several product at a time by one click.

Conditions sections contain rich configuration options to query products exactly as your demand to display those product into your product table. Here is conditions section summary (below).

  • Display product from specific categories.
  • Display product from specific tags.
  • Display product from specific Ids.
  • Display product from specific vendors.
  • Display product based on stock status.
  • Display product by minimum price and maximum.
  • Exclude product from specific categories.
  • Exclude product from specific tags.
  • Exclude product from specific Ids.
  • Exclude product from specific vendors.
  • Exclude product based on stock status.
  • Exclude product based on stock status.
  • Limit product per page.

Utilities sections contain additional configuration options to configure product table layout and interactivity. Here is utilities section summary (below).

  • Show or hide table header.
  • Enable or disable header sorting.
  • Bind short or long description with title.
  • Select behavior of title on click (view product or nothing).
  • Select behavior of thumbnail on click (thumbnail popup or view product).
  • Select view product target (same Window or new Window).
  • Provide add to cart button custom text.
  • Provide multiple add to cart button custom text.
  • Provide in stock status custom text.
  • Provide out of stock status custom text.
  • Provide available on backorder status custom text.
  • Provide available on backorder status custom text.
  • Enable or disable search box.
  • Enable or disable mini cart above or below table.
  • Provide extra class name of table.

Design section allow you to configure product table design wihtout any coding knowledge or without any help from developer or designer. Design section are organized by several subsection to make it clean, simple and easier to customize. Here is design section (subsection) summary  (below).

  • Table general.
  • Table header.
  • Table body.
  • Table footer.
  • Title & thumbnail.
  • Star rating.
  • Add to cart button.
  • Multiple add to cart button.
  • Quantity input.
  • Variation select.
  • Checkbox.
  • Wishlist button.
  • Quick view button.
  • Seach input.
  • Pagination.
  • Mini cart.
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